Cobot Tooling

Available January 2021

Vacuforce continues to develop products and solutions for the vacuum pick and place industry.  We are very excited about the new Cobot series of vacuum end of arm tooling (EOAT) which has been deveoped for the collaborative robot industry.

Send us a quick email by clicking here and we'll send you full details of the VacuBot launch in January.

Cartridge Venturi

Cartridge Venturi Vacuum

Inline cartridge coaxial vacuum venturi where the compressed air connection is in direct line to the exhaust make for a very simplified installation. 

Optional vacuum ports can be connected to a vacuum sensor or gauge.

Vacuum Cartridges

Cartridge Venturi Vacuum

Spare vacuum cartridges for the cartridge vacuum venturi.  Can be integrated into OEM machinery design.  Various vacuum flow and vacuum level options.  Multi stage venturi technology.  All composite lightweight construction

New Vacuum Cylinders

Vacuum Pick Up Cylinders

Vacuum cylinders have been designed to offer the automation machine builder a great solution for vacuum pick and place. These vacuum lifting cylinders are fully automatic in the Z axis eliminating the need for a vertical motion control. 

Various maximum strokes up to 6" (150mm) available.