Vacuum inlet filters are used with vacuum pumps and venturi. Vacuum filters are crucial in ensuring that the upstream equipment is clean and reliable.  If you require vacuum filter assistance, please .
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In Cup Filter Disks

The CFD filter disks are used inside the Vacuforce VFB and VFDB range of vacuum suctions cups. These thin filters disks are a mesh with a very large surface area, used to prevent impurities for entering the vacuum lines.

  • Manufacturer in 316 stainless steel
  • Easily installed, removed, cleaned and replaced
  • Suitable for cup series VFB and VFBL
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Mini Inline Vacuum Filters

The VFD series of inline filters offers the user a very simple and effective vacuum filter solutions for point of use applications such as vacuum cups handling. The element can be changed very quickly by unscrewing the aluminum end caps. Easy to clean and very easy to visually inspect.

  • Inline filters for point of use applications
  • Simple push-to-connect fitting connection
  • Easy change element
  • Transparent filter bowl for easy of inspection
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Bowl Type Vacuum Filters

All plastic design PVF series of vacuum filters with shatter proof filter bowl for filtering debris in an application to protect upstream equipment such vacuum venturi generators and vacuum pumps.

  • Plastic bowl filter
  • Polyethylene element
  • Quick release spin off filter bowl
  • No tools required for element change
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