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Depanner Cups

Vacuforce specializes in designing metal detectable depanner suction cups for the baking depanner industry. These suction cups are specifically engineered to be used in automated baking processes, where they securely hold and release baked goods from the depanner belt.

The metal detectable feature is crucial in food production environments to prevent cross contamination. Vacuforce's suction cups are made from metal detectable FDA compliant silicone that can be detected by metal detectors commonly found in food processing facilities. This ensures that if any part of the suction cup becomes dislodged or broken during the baking process, it can be detected and removed to prevent potential product contamination. Cups are available in various shore hardness grades and color combinations.

By utilizing Vacuforce's metal detectable suction cups, bakeries and food production facilities can enhance product safety, maintain quality standards, and minimize the risk of contamination in their baked goods.

  • FDA Compliant silicone
  • Metal detectable
  • Various shore hardness down to 25A
  • Multiple color options
  • Emboss branded with your company name
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