Designed and Manufactured in North America

produced or conducted by two or more parties working together.

Collaborative Vacuum End Effector Tooling for vacuum pick and place applications.
Designed and Built in North America.

Collaborative robots, or Cobots, are industrial robots that are designed for use in shared working spaces with human workers.  These robots typically have a lesser payload than industrial robots ranging from a few pounds to around 20lbs.

Used for handling small packages, food packaged products, plastic or metal parts or anything that is required to be picked up and put down somewhere else.  The factory worker will “program” the robot by moving the arm to each point of the production cycle using a Vacuforce tool to grip the part in the process.

The Vacuforce tooling is ultra lightweight weighing less than a pound in most cases including all necessary vacuum generation devices.  These tools are designed specifically for the customer’s application and guaranteed performance is assured.

COBOT tools are available from design concept sign off to dispatch from either our Canadian or American facility within 5-7 business days.Designed by Vacuforce, built by Vacuforce and supplied by Vacuforce, your American vacuum tooling company.


Actual Vacuforce staff design the Vacuforce product. We know exactly what we are selling and know exactly what you need for your application.


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