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Vacuforce LLC is a leading manufacturer of high-quality vacuum end effectors, vacuum grippers, and robotic suction cup tooling. Our automated vacuum pick and place systems are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. We offer suction cups made from silicone, NBR, nitrile rubber, polyurethane, and foam rubber, as well as vacuum ejectors and pumps in single and multi-stage configurations. At, our online portal for distributors and end-users across North America, we have a wide range of Vacuforce products in stock and available for purchase. Our selection includes a variety of categories to suit your specific needs. Shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the highest quality products from a trusted industry leader. Contact us today to learn more about how Vacuforce can improve your vacuum handling processes.

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Vacuum End Effectors

universal vacuum gripper tooling robots
  • Universal Grippers
  • Bag Grippers
  • Foam Seal Grippers
  • Custom Designs

Designed in house as standard and customer determined project solutions, nobody in North America can provide proof of concept and product on site faster.

Collaborative Vacuum Grippers

universal vacuum cobot collaborative tooling
  • COBOT Vacuum Tooling
  • Custom Designs
  • Suitable For Any Robot
  • Made in USA

Standard models as well as customer defined solutions, the Vacuforce collaborative tooling is available for proof of concept design within 24-48 hours and supplied within 5-10 business days.

Vacuum Pick Up Cylinders

vacuum pick up cylinders
  • Automatic Z axis Compensation
  • Simplified Pick and Place
  • Strokes up to 50mm / 2 inch
  • Lubrication Free

Vacuum cylinders have been designed to offer the automation machine builder a great solution for vacuum pick and place. These vacuum lifting cylinders are fully automatic in the Z axis elminating the need for a vertical motion control.

Vacuum Suction Cups

Vacuforce vacuum suction cups
  • Flat, Bellows & Oval Styles
  • Silicone, NBR and Polyurethane
  • FDA Compliant Direct Contact
  • Metal Detectable Direct Contact

Vacuforce offers many different types of vacuum suction cups in various materials and styles. Many sizes are available with models interchanging with existing models in use in industry today.

Vacuum Ejectors

Vacuforce vacuum venturi and generators
  • Single and Multi Stage Models
  • Centralized and Point of Use
  • Metal and Composite Models
  • Flow Rates up to 100CFM

Vacuum venturi, sometimes referred to as vacuum ejectors or generators use compressed air to generate vacuum. These are typically used for vacuum pick and place applications using vacuum cups.

Vacuum Valves

Vacuforce vacuum valves
  • Direct Acting Solenoid
  • Solenoid Poppet Models
  • Pilot Air Poppet Models
  • Port Size to 1NPT

Vacuum valves for use exclusively in vacuum systems offering maximum flow and performance through BIG orifices.

Vacuum Filters

Vacuforce vacuum filters
  • Point of Use Filters
  • Inline Cartridge Filters
  • Port Sizes to 1.5NPT
  • Steel and Composite Materials

Vacuum inlet filters are used with vacuum pumps and venturi. Vacuum filters are crucial in ensuring that the upstream equipment is clean and reliable.  

Vacuum Pods

Vacuforce vacuum clamping workholding pods
  • Precise Z Axis Location
  • No Slip Gripping Surfaces
  • All Metal Construction
  • Interchangable Grip Surfaces

Vacuforce vacuum pods are used in applications to hold flat product in place on CNC routers or machining centers.  All aluminum, hard anodized vacuum pods are available in various shapes and sizes.  Standard Z axis dimension is 105mm.

vacuum foam gripper
Vacuforce universal foam grippers
  • Standard 130mm Width
  • Length to 1400mm
  • Universal Gripping Technology
  • Lightweight Simple Installtion

Vacuum grippers offer the vacuum user a plug and play solution to vacuum handling applications. Ideal for wood and lumber industry.

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